Social Media Management

You need more sales, more leads and more traffic. We make it happen.

Whether you’re too busy to manage your company’s social media accounts or are struggling to maintain a consistent, sustainable and engaging social media presence – we can help. Through consulting and strategy, Insite Media Design will manage your social media accounts by putting interesting and shareable posts in front of your audience – from Facebook and Twitter to Google+, Pinterest and Instagram.

We also setup and manage Facebook ad campaigns to reach beyond your current followers by targeting specific demographics.

What will a unique social strategy do for your business?

  • Produce leads and sales
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Establish or grow followers
  • Increase quality website traffic
  • Reach a new target audience
  • Boost engagement

What makes us Different?

  • We map the right social media strategy for your business.
    We practice whom to target, where to target, what to target and when to target.
  • We believe that interesting and engaging content is shareable content.
    We include eye-catching graphics, animated slideshows, hash tags, persuasive calls to action and links to your website in all of our posts. We also focus on trending, informative and valuable content that is useful to your audience and will engage them.
  • We communicate with you.
    We establish a monthly strategy based on your needs and we communicate with you on a weekly basis to learn about what’s going on with your business and what’s trending in your industry. Has your business or an employee received an award? We’d like to know that. Is your business sponsoring a local community event or did you just receive an exclusive to a new product line? We’d like to know that too! After all, dedicating 100% of content to promoting products and services only annoys audiences.
  • We analyze social media metrics.
    We monitor your social profile data, from growth to engagement levels, to so we can quickly see that the strategies are moving in the right direction. We also provide access to a dashboard so you can see data as a result of our posts – from audience reach and growth to post views and engagement.
  • We watch your competition.
    The need to get ahead of your competitors and leverage every impression your content receives is key. We watch their engagement rates, audience growth, top posts and more.

What do we charge?

Our pricing is based on the social platform, frequency of posts per week and how in depth of an analysis report you want.